Bad Gastein

Morbid charm & stormy waterfall

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"A health resort with imperial flair, healing thermal baths, colourful blooming alpine meadows and alpine charm that is experiencing a renaissance? Come to Bad Gastein! Urban nonchalance combined with international design, upper class style and contemporary comfort. Morbid charm, grandiose mountain panoramas, wildly romantic valleys, magical places of power and a stormy waterfall."

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Healing Spring

Unique source of health & fertility

Radon and the history of Bad Gastein

What seeped into the depths of the Tauern mountains more than 3000 years ago as ordinary rainwater, bubbles to the surface in Bad Gastein as healing thermal water. Daily 5 million liters - uniquely enriched with radon - almost 45° Celsius warm. 
In the late Middle Ages, it was first the miners who enjoyed the best of health through their work in the rock and earth. Then came Paracelsus in 1525 and described the precious water as a phenomenally effective source of eternal youth. Emperors and bourgeois from all over the world promptly followed and Gastein blossomed into the so-called Monaco of the Alps. The history of the health resort is a spectacular up & down - read more here.
For 100 years, its own water pipeline has supplied selected hotels with thermal gold - including the Miramonte. The legendary effects: pain relief - increased fertility and virility - cell renewal and purification.
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