Sun. Outlook. Relax.

Ike Ikrath, your host, recommends...

"Open your eyes – there is madness at the summit with a backdrop of Belle Époque and Brutalist architecture.  Close your eyes – hear the sound of the waterfall, feel the tingling mountain air and warm rays of sun on your skin.  Enjoy a drink on our sofas and comfortable lounge furniture scattered with sheepskins or commune at one of our long tables. The big fire bowl is lit every evening - summer and winter – under the starry sky."

Open air theatre with panoramic views

The Austrian courier says...

"If none of this interests you, you can still enjoy the view of one of the best-styled chapters of Alpine tectonics over a gin and tonic on the Miramonte terrace."

The summer meeting place

Cinema under the stars

Ike Ikrath, your host suggests:

“In good weather the flickering of our outdoor cinema screen joins the crackling fire.  Great cinema reflects the Miramonte, from art house to legendary.  Cosy up under a blanket with a good drink and enjoy the show.  Your feet on the ground and head in the stars, beneath the enormity of Bad Gastein’s night sky.”

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