"It was like the movie The Shining the first time!"

Megumi Ito, is a designer and her lamps make us shine.

"I can remember very well the first time I arrivedarrived here at the Hotel Miramonte. That was over ten years ago. No one was here and nothing was ready. It was scary and spooky at the same time and I felt like I was in the movie 'Shining'. I experienced it as a mysterious moment of being totally abandoned.Nevertheless, I immediately fell in love with Bad Gastein and the Miramonte.

Probably, on balance, I have been here over 30 times. Each visit here is different, each time Ike Ikrath has added something completely new. He is a great architect, wonderfully attentive to detail, and the house has a quality of design that is very rare. At the same time, it is an honor and a pleasure for me that many lamps designed by me are also allowed to decorate this place. One of my photos of Tokyo can also be found here.
It is difficult to say what is the fascination of the Hotel Miramonte and Bad Gastein. It is something mysterious. In any case, it is unique. I have experienced something similar only in Ibiza or on Patmos. I don't know - is it the thermal springs, the mountains, the waterfall, the people who come here, or is it what some call tristesse when they speak of the place? Either way, all this gives me a lot of energy and when I leave here I feel as if all my batteries are fully charged.
Besides the restaurant in the Hotel Miramonte, where my good 20 lights are located, my favorite place is a hut to which the so-called Edelweiss Trail leads in the direction of Sport Gastein.
And at the hotel bar, my favorite drink is a mixture of tonic, lime and lemon juice. Wonderful!"