Spa & Yoga

Freedom of Body and Soul

The holistic nature of Ayurveda is our chosen concept.  Attention to the body and to the spirit and soul.  At Miramonte we combine this a wide view and the benefits of Gastein's healing water with cosmetics and products from AVEDA.Experienced massage therapists and professional yoga teachers offer improvements in body awareness along with posture and inner balance.

Healing spring, sauna and relaxation room

Thermal baths for eternal youth

Ike Ikrath, your host tells...

"3000 years ago rainwater seeped into the depths of the Tauern mountains - today a never-ending thermal spring of unique healing water. Five million litres gush out daily and made Bad Gastein a well-known spa and place of pilgrimage as early as the 14th century. 1525 wrote Paracelsus on the phenomenally effective mineral ingredients, among which radon was not recognized until 1900. Bad Gastein had long since advanced to become a sophisticated health resort and each house had its own thermal bath inlet for its guests.  In the Miramonte, of course, we also have the original thermal baths - Baths in the spa. The lasting benefits of radon water at all times of the day. It has an anti-inflammatory, regenerating and revitalizing effect, renews the cells, relieves pain in the joints and muscles and - detoxifies!"

The thermal spring

Yoga in a dreamy Alpine setting

By the waterfall, on the lawn or terrace, in the studio or pavilion.

Morning and evening, our variety of qualified yoga teachers practice in numerous beautiful locations.  Enjoy the liberating views and the effect of the majestic mountains during your class.  The elements of nature are your source of calm and sensuality.Are you just starting yoga? Or do you have your own practice that you are developing?  At Miramonte we have a wide selection of experienced and stylistically very different yoga teachers offering a program of practices to suit everyone.  Our team will accompany you on your individual path.

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