“I am fascinated by the diversity of people.”

Anke Egger is our yoga authority.

"I originally come from Nuremberg and ended up in Bad Gastein because of love. Before that I lived in Zurich. I taught yoga at Haus Hirt, the big sister of Hotel Miramonte, so to speak. Now I live in Hallein near Salzburg, but I come to Bad Gastein at least once a month.
Also to give yoga classes at the Miramonte again and again. Teaching yoga here is something completely different than in any other place. It's because of the air. When you open the windows here in the morning and breathe in this mountain air, it's something unique, as unique as the view of the mountains from the yoga room outside. I am also always fascinated by the view of the valley from the sauna. There are so many views and insights in this corner of the world. I love it when I'm driving up the valley in the car and look up at the Stubnerkogel. Then I know: 'So, now I'm here!" 
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Of course there is good air and beautiful views in other places in the mountains, but what attracts me so much to this place is, beyond all that, the diversity of the people. Here, people come together who have kept an open mind and want to share it with others. That is a rare, very special asset.
But there is even more that keeps me coming back here. There's the Annenkapelle in Bad Hofgastein, for example, and the trips up to Sportgastein. I absolutely adore the Zirbenweg on the Graukogel, where you can hide away wonderfully while breathing in the scent of the Zirben. I have so many wonderful memories of this place and hope that there will be many more to come. I can also think of a hairdryer storm that I experienced here. I was sitting in the Miramonte's restaurant and I can still see the trees bending at a good 45 degree angle. Once I had 16 people for yoga class and I remember this unique flow. That's when the image of fogged-up window panes comes up in my mind and the look on 16 happy faces."

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