"A mysterious mix of past, present and future."

Bianca Schwarzjig works all the time - everywhere - and is a TV presenter.

"Bad Gastein means for me an interplay of town and mountain with a pinch of morbid charm. This results in a wonderful mix of questions and answers, of past, present and future! I am interested in the secrets of this place and all that,what emerges from them.Bad Gastein is inspiring and stimulates thought.
Any building can be as much an initial spark for a new thought as a mountain or one mood or another. For example, I love to walk to the waterfall in the morning with a cof- fee-to-go, when the whole place is still covered in a delicate blanket of fog. When the fog lifts, it's like a magical moment. And a perfect start to a new day. That's just one reason why I always invite exciting people from different fields like art, media or start-ups to explore different places with me on a weekend. No matter if it's winter or summer.
I used to have a small apartment in Bad Gastein, but at some point I just wanted to have more space for my family. Then one fine day I discovered Villa Rosa, an old pen- sion. It was renovated and now serves as a wonderful place for people who want to spend time here, and perhaps don't want to stay in a hotel, and in this way can experience a different feeling of being at home.
Speaking of being at home, a really great place is, of course, the Hotel Miramonte. The feeling alone when you walk in through the entrance is something very special. It's like being immersed in a cool, almost fictional flair. That's why one of my top tips for Bad Gastein is to have a drink right away at the bar, whose colors and furniture make it a mix of casual and cozy. Not to mention the magical barbecues on the terrace of the hotel, framed by this indescribable mountain scenery. All of this is a wonderful contrast to dining at the long table in the hotel's restaurant, where you can even get a bit of a New York feeling. For real!
I've met incredibly exciting people during each of my stays at Hotel Miramonte. That's also one of the secrets of the hotel. The Miramonte is not an 08/15 hotel, it is a place with rough edges that breathes history and stories.
Oh yes, what you should not miss in my opinion, apart from the mentioned drink at the bar, is a trip to Sportgastein. There you can ski tip-top in winter. And a summer walk along the Nassfeld is also one of many highlights."