Magic Herta

"A flair that you should experience."

Herta Dietrichsteiner is our magical wild herb expert.

"I'm called 'herb witch' and 'mountain Indian' by some people.
That's okay. Even as a small child, I was interested in herbs and soaked up everything my mother taught me about plants and botany. At school, I was more of an outsider because of my knowledge.

I am a true Badgasteiner. My great-grandparents already lived here and I could tell many a story from all sorts of decades, from Gspusis and so on. But they are all not acceptable. So let's talk about herbs instead. By the way, one of my highlights to this day is stinging nettle spinach.
The wild herb walks I organize for the Hotel Miramonte and Haus Hirt are great fun. Even if a participant only remembers two herbs, that's fine with me. The main thing is that he or she enjoys it. Many people are surprised how wonderfully one could feed on the plants that I teach them. 

What I recommend, in addition to a hike with me, is definitely a bath in the legendary thermal water of Bad Gastein. People have known about its effects since the 14th century. Allegedly, a severe leg ailment suffered by Emperor Frederick III was cured by the water. Many soldiers after the two world wars came here to heal their injuries. Moreover, besides its healing powers for lung ailments, the water is said to have an effect on the libido. In the past, people only talked about this with their hands held out. Mozart and his sister Nannerl are said to have been conceived after a stay of their mother in Bad Gastein.
As a native of Urgastein, who has experienced the development of the place first hand, I would like to mention that Ike and Evelyn Ikrath have turned the Hotel Miramonte into a true jewel. They have understood wonderfully how to combine the old with the new. Behind it is a very unique, loving signature, the flair of which you should definitely experience when you're here."

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