"Element of Joy" Yoga Retreat

"Element of Joy" Yoga Retreat with Sandra & Sana

31.10.2024 - 03.11.2024

When was the last time you felt deep joy?

Where in your body did you last feel it?


If you need to think longer to answer these questions, then read on here and now!

Sandra Basic & Sana Tabea Pliberschnig want to explore the feeling of joy with you at the retreat.


4 days of immersion.

4 days of being.

4 days of well-being and enjoyment. (full board)

4 days of breathwork, embodiment, movement, yoga, meditation, somatic energetic alignment, dance and much more...


4 days....


... feel the joy that is anchored in your whole body and makes you glow from the inside out.

... awaken the pure joy and lust for life in you!

Because we are convinced that joy lifts our lives to a whole new level and is our driving force, even when things are not going so well. Joy exists in every moment if we learn to see it!




Positive feelings such as joy, hope, love or gratitude strengthen our immune system, can prevent illness and accelerate healing processes on a physical and emotional level. Coupled with good food and space & time to be, the result is pure enjoyment that makes you want more! Sometimes we lose sight of our zest for life due to things that have happened in our lives.

Then a little nudge from outside does us good to rewrite our script in the spirit of joy. The element of happiness. So let's turn down the loud life for 4 days and explore, awaken & turn up the joy within!


This retreat is perfect for you....

... if you want to gather applicable impulses & experiences for your life

... if you want to ignite joy, lightness & connectedness within you

... if you want to give yourself time for yourself and the love within you

... if you want to anchor joy within you in order to realise this energy full of courage in your life.

... if you have the courage to look into the dark corners that need to be illuminated on the path to joy.

... if you want to do something good for your relationship with yourself. Your environment will thank you and mirror it...


This retreat is not for you...

... if you are mentally and physically very unstable

... if you want to do everything the same as before

... if you want to go through life grim and grumpy.

... if everything else is more important than feeling gratitude and joy in being human.

... if you prefer to see dark clouds everywhere instead of the paradise earth on which we are allowed to live.



(Subject to change - we flow with the energy of the group)



Arrival ritual + breathwork



Laughter yoga & body activation

Group exercise - through communication into self-reflection

FREE TIME Integration time

(1:1 Somatic Energetic Alignment possible)

Transformative Breathwork Session



Activating movement

Group exercises -

Element of Joy: Ecstatic Dance



Morning Movement + Laughter Yoga

Closing Circle



The energy compensation for the retreat time with Sana & Sandra is € 400,- p.p.


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