Mindful Bellydance & Meditation Retreat

Mindful Bellydance & Meditation Retreat with Christina Kubeng

15.09.2024 - 18.09.2024

Are you longing for more self-love & self-acceptance? For a deep connection with yourself and your femininity?


Discover a whole new way of moving and connecting with yourself!Energizing. Mindful. Sensual. Meditative. Relaxing. A real treat for body, mind & soul.

The Mindful Bellydance Retreat will help you to (re)connect with your body and discover your inner strength. During the retreat, you will learn to move in a self-determined and powerful way, to unfold your sensuality and femininity and to use them for yourself.

We combine dance, meditation and mindfulness exercises, pelvic floor activation and relaxation techniques to create an enjoyable journey "back to your center".

What is Essence of Bellydance?

My retreat is based on the "Essence of BellydanceTM Method" by pelvic floor specialist, movement therapist and author Coco Berlin. Essence of Bellydance is a holistic method that combines belly dance with mindfulness and bodywork techniques and is based on a clear and easy-to-understand methodology.

The movements mobilize your whole body, especially your spine and pelvis, and can help to improve your posture and release tension. They bring everything within us to flow, are a valuable support for regulating your nervous system & open you up to emotional healing.

You don't need any previous knowledge. All you need is a love of movement and a curiosity for a deeper connection with yourself!



(subject to minor changes)


Day 1: Arrival day, before dinner (16-18h)

Welcome & Introduction
Belly dance basics
Dance Meditation
Pelvic floor relaxation flow


Day 2:

Morning 60 min (8.30-9.30)
30 min bellydance fit! start the day refreshed!
30 min deep relaxation for your pelvic floor


Afternoon 16.30-18h (90 min)
Mindful bellydance. Mindful, intuitive dancing.
Feel your body - what does your body need right now?
Which movements are good for you & your soul?
Where do you perceive the movements?
Dance meditation


Day 3:

Morning 60 min (8.30-9.30)
30 min pelvic floor stretching, awareness & relaxation
30 min Bellydance Fit - start the day refreshed!


Lunch (optional):
Walk together with "pelvic floor tips to go" (in the truest sense of the word)


Afternoon 16.30-18h (90 min)
Mindful Bellydance meets Pelvic Floor Embodiment.
Mindful, intuitive dancing. Enjoy your femininity!
Easy-to-implement tips for your posture & charisma in dance and everyday life
Belly dance while seated - create feel-good moments in everyday situations at your desk, with a toddler on the floor, etc.
Pelvic floor awareness & relaxation flow.


Day 4: (departure day):

Morning 90 min (8.30-10.00)
30 min Bellydance Fit - start the day refreshed!
30 min pelvic floor stretching, awareness & relaxation



Mindful Bellydance retreat package:

until 31.05.2024: 250 Euro Early Bird price

afterwards: 300 Euro


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