“The act of breathing is living”

“The act of breathing is living” - Breathing Awareness Weekend with Eleanor Curtis

17.05.2024 - 20.05.2024

“Inhale, then exhale, that’s how you’ll get through it.”

Breathing practice can help you improve your breathing, improve your breath control, and improve your sense of well-being overall. Regular breathing practice makes you feel great!


Breathing practice can also:

And more!


What is breathing practice?

Breathing practice is a series of breathing exercises. Some focus on different approaches to inhaling and exhaling, others focus on breath control and breath holding. The origins of these practices come from the ancient techniques of yoga breathing or pranayama; others originate from techniques used for freediving and others that have been developed to assist those who suffer from lung issues like asthma. Breathing practice brings about a sense of calm and a deep sense of well being in body and mind.


A 4-day feel-good weekend awaits you:




Eleanor Curtis

Breath Work Instructor and founder of The Breathing Practice

Eleanor has practiced yoga for over 30 years; she is a (former) Master Scuba Diving Instructor, a certified Freediver and endurance open water swimmer. She has taught dance and yoga over the years and brings a unique blend of techniques to her breathing practice.

Eleanor established The Breathing Practice inspired to share the goodness and benefits of breathing practice after regular study and intensive practice of breathing optimisation techniques as part of her freediving training. In establishing The Breathing Practice, Eleanor has designed classes that are a blend of breathing optimisation, pranayama (or yoga breathing), breath control exercises and breath awareness mediation. The classes are designed to achieve optimal well being and clarity of mind.


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